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Use of antibiotics in animals and people
  1. John D. Mackinnon
  1. Cheneys Cottage, East Green, Kelsale, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 2PH, e-mail:

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I READ David Burch's letter with great interest (VR, September 19, 2015, vol 177, p 292), in which he calls for controls on antibiotics used in veterinary medicine to be based on science. I heartily agree and I have to say that I have been dismayed by the way in which many have been willing to follow blindly political pressures rather than science in formulating their policies and guidance to the veterinary profession and the livestock industry. Where is the evidence that farmers and veterinary surgeons have endangered the lives of humans by going about their daily business of keeping the population fed? As the old saying goes, the more frequently and the more loudly something is said, the more likely it is that people will believe it. Furthermore, …

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