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Union expresses concern about plans to close surveillance centre

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A PROPOSAL by Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) to close the veterinary disease surveillance centre (DSC) at Inverness shows that ‘lessons have clearly not been learned from previous outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease’, according to the trade union Prospect.

The potential closure of the Inverness DSC was identified as an option by SRUC in June, when it invited views on proposals to make changes to the network of veterinary DSCs in Scotland (VR, June 6, 2015, vol 176, p 583). SRUC said that, if the Inverness DSC was closed, the region would be served by the DSCs at Thurso, Aberdeen and Perth.

In a press release on June 19, Prospect claimed that SRUC had made no provision for relocating the Inverness DSC ‘which means that farmers in the Highlands will have to transport carcases hundreds of miles to the next nearest labs in Perth, Thurso …

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