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Bovine TB
Bovine TB in the pilot badger cull zone in Gloucestershire
  1. Roger Blowey,
  2. Carl Gray,
  3. James Griffiths and
  4. Jan Rowe
  1. Gloucester
  1. e-mail: rogerblowey{at}

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DESPITE my earlier letter (VR, January 10, 2015, vol 176, p 54) suggesting that the badger culling results for Gloucestershire were acceptable, we are aware that there remains a section of the community that is, perhaps reasonably, still concerned that an ineffective cull might lead to an increase, rather than a decrease, in bovine TB.

We have therefore looked for evidence of any increase in bovine TB in the cull zone. Data from two vet practices, involving over 4000 cattle, from a total of approximately 15,000 cattle in the Gloucestershire cull area, were used to compare whole-herd TB tests in early/mid-2013 with data from the …

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