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Diagnostic and Surgical Arthroscopy in the Horse, 4th edn
Arthroscopy of the horse
  1. Tim J. Phillips

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C. Wayne McIlwraith, Alan J. Nixon and Ian M. Wright
512 pages, hardback, £136.
Elsevier. 2014.
ISBN 978 0 7234 3693 5

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MCILWRAITH, Nixon and Wright are to the world of equine arthroscopy what McIlroy, Mickelson and Woods are to the world of golf: undisputed masters of the art. Readers would therefore expect this book to be replete with advice on techniques for finding the playing area with consistent, effortless ease, and innovative tips on how to approach tricky little chips and, well, perhaps the analogies are best left there.

This fourth edition comes nine years after its immediate predecessor and, as might be anticipated with an …

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