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RCVS disciplinary committee
Vet reprimanded for failure to provide adequate care

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THE RCVS Disciplinary Committee has severely reprimanded a Suffolk veterinary surgeon and warned him as to his future conduct after finding him guilty of serious professional misconduct at a disciplinary hearing last month.

Frank Eric Ainsworth, from Lowestoft, was charged with failing to provide adequate care to a dog in July 2013, after diagnosing it with heatstroke. The charge included elements relating to Mr Ainsworth's failure to admit the dog for urgent treatment; failure to transfer the dog to another practice; failing to suggest euthanasia; and failing to offer adequate treatment advice to the dog's owner.

During the hearing from January 26 to 30, the Disciplinary Committee heard that, on July 18, 2013, Mr Ainsworth was working as a locum veterinary surgeon at a practice in Kent. The dog was presented at the practice between 07.00 and 08.00 in a collapsed state, with diarrhoea, vomiting, lethargy and a high temperature. The RCVS reports that the dog's owner was told that it had heatstroke and was unlikely to survive; the owner asked if anything could be done to save the dog, but was told that the practice did not have the …

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