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Veterinary profession
Ethical work climates in veterinary practices
  1. Simon Innes1,
  2. John Innes2 and
  3. Tim Davies3
  1. 1 CVS (UK), CVS House, Vinces Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4AY
  2. 2ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists, CVS Group, Gates Road, Chester CH1 6LT e-mail
  3. 3Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital, 177 Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham, Surrey RG40 4JD e-mail

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WE read with interest the letter regarding ethical work climates in veterinary practice from Alison Price and Stephen May (VR, June 13, 2015, vol 176, pp 631-632). We agree with the authors that knowing more about veterinary businesses and cultures should be helpful to those seeking employment. However, we take significant issue with the methodology of the study and the authors' attempts to draw conclusions, albeit ‘with caution’.

The survey was described as a convenience survey with respondents reached through direct contact or social media. This suggests high risk of bias in sampling and the authors do not report information on response rates; the recent UK general election has been a good example of how population …

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