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BVA President celebrates creativity and innovation in Wales

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THE official opening, in a few weeks' time, of the new Wales Veterinary Science Centre at Aberystwyth will be something to celebrate, said John Blackwell, the BVA President, in his speech to the BVA's annual Welsh dinner in Cardiff last week.

It had, he said, taken creative thinking by the Welsh Government and the University of Aberystwyth to respond to the closure of the APHA's laboratory in Aberystwyth with the creation of the Veterinary Science Centre. This new hub of veterinary excellence would embed the future of the veterinary profession in the here and now, and, he said, ‘That means we need to get it right from the start, grabbing the potential with both hands and meeting challenges head on.’

However, while celebrating the creativity and innovation behind the centre, it was also important to be realistic. The Welsh Government and the wider industry had to get behind the project and to stick with it to ensure its success. The Aberystwyth centre and the diagnostic facilities in Carmarthen needed to be supported by the development of a dedicated …

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