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Profession must broaden its employment horizons, says FVE

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‘IT is essential that the profession expands its employment horizons and seeks to enter non-traditional roles, expanding employment options and opportunities.’

This is one of a number of ‘points for further consideration’ raised by the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) following a recent survey of more than 13,000 European veterinarians. The survey, which was conducted on the FVE's behalf by a market research company, aimed to gather benchmark data on demographic, employment and financial indicators for the profession across Europe. As well as the 13,000 responses to a questionnaire received from veterinarians in 24 FVE member countries, data from similar surveys in two further countries were incorporated, along with data from other sources. The FVE believes that this provides a solid base for interpretation and allows comparison of veterinary demographic, labour market and financial indicators between European countries. However, it says, because the survey was the first of its kind, it is not possible to determine trends at this stage.


The FVE reports that the survey clearly indicated that the majority (60 per cent) of veterinarians in Europe work in clinical practice, predominantly small animal practice. Nineteen per cent of respondents worked in public service, 6 per cent in education and research, and 4 per cent in industry and private research. A further 10 per cent …

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