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BSAVA congress
Matching the right dog to the right home

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Many people want to own a dog but – with more than 200 registered breeds with different characteristics and requirements to choose from – they need to find the right one for them. Georgina Mills reports on a discussion of how potential owners can be helped to make the right choices, which took place during the recent BSAVA congress in Birmingham

‘ONE of the things I found early on as a breeder was that I had responsibility to the owners who bought puppies from me, and also a responsibility to the dogs,’ said Bill Lambert, health and breeder services manager at the Kennel Club, who discussed the importance of placing the right dog into the right home. For this to happen, ‘we all have a part to play’, he said.

Dogs were very popular, with an estimated nine million in the UK alone. Each year, Mr Lambert reported, the Kennel Club registered around 250,000 dogs and there were approximately 2.89 million dogs on the Kennel Club registers at any one time. Most of the dogs on the Kennel Club's breed register had been deliberately bred. There were some breeds that were not registered with the club, and, although crossbreed dogs could be registered, there was a culture that generally they were not. In addition, there were other …

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