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  1. F. T. W. Jordan

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IN tribute to Frank Tudor Whitney Jordan (VR, January 17, 2015, vol 176, p 77), Richard C. Jones and Janet M. Bradbury write: Professor Frank Jordan died on January 9 at his residential home in Delph, Greater Manchester, where he had lived since 2012. Frank was an internationally renowned poultry disease expert, who was a UK pioneer in poultry disease research. He put the University of Liverpool's veterinary faculty on the map in this area of animal health, working at the Leahurst campus for most of his career and publishing well into his 80s. He was 97 years old when he died and had never lost his interest in people and the world around him, or his engaging sense of humour.

Born in Newport, South Wales, Frank qualified from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) gaining a BSc degree in veterinary science and membership of the RCVS. Due to the war, he spent the final two years of his studies as an evacuated undergraduate in Streatley-on-Thames. He was subsequently awarded a PhD (1954), an RCVS Fellowship (1955), a DSc for his published work (1970) and the RCVS Diploma in Poultry Medicine and Production (1987).

On graduating in 1941, he joined a mixed practice in York (No 3, The Crescent, which is now Minster Veterinary Group). However, his position as assistant in the practice, although much …

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