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Bovine TB in the pilot badger cull zone in Gloucestershire
  1. Roger Blowey,
  2. Carl Gray,
  3. James Griffiths and
  4. Jan Rowe
  1. Gloucester
  1. e-mail: rogerblowey{at}

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Roger Blowey and colleagues write: We are grateful for the comments of Allen and others, and Woodroffe, in response to our letter to Veterinary Record (VR, February 21, 2015, vol 176, p 2018) and we would agree that all data should be carefully assessed.

We are therefore disappointed that Allen and others were so selective in their choice of quotes and use of TB incidence data (Table 1). While it is true that in one newspaper interview I (RB) did state that I could not see any other factor that had changed, my main response to all media was that I agreed that our small data set was certainly not certain proof that the cull was working. This was broadcast on numerous occasions. We are also disappointed …

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