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E coli prevalence study among finishing cattle in the UK
  1. Madeleine K. Henry,
  2. Sue C. Tongue and
  3. George J. Gunn
  1. Epidemiology Research Unit, SRUC Drummondhill, Stratherrick Road, Inverness IV2 4JZ
  1. e-mail: vetepidemiology{at}, telephone: 01463 246072 01463 246060

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MANY colleagues will be aware of the importance of verotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) O157 in terms of the risk it poses to human health. The organism is a commensal of cattle and can be transmitted to people through contaminated foodstuffs as well as through contact with cattle and their environment. It is also possible for VTEC O157 to remain infective in soil for several months. A programme of work led by the Roslin Institute is being funded by the Food Standards Agency (FS101055) to improve the understanding of why …

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