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Pain Management in Veterinary Practice
The art and science of analgesia
  1. Kate L. White

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Edited by Christine M. Egger, Lydia Love and Tom Doherty
464 pages, paperback, £50.99.
Wiley-Blackwell. 2013.
ISBN 978 0 8138 1224 3

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THIS book's layout is a refreshing surprise. It starts with an extensive and thoughtful chapter on pain as an issue of animal welfare, discussing the roadblocks to treating pain and giving a clear outline of the way forward for the veterinary profession. The rest of the 40 chapters are arranged into five sections.

The first section covers the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of what is known to date about pain processing and anatomical organisation; plus there is a novel chapter dedicated to the mechanisms of cancer pain.

The second section is devoted to the pharmacology of analgesics. Once again this is not limited to the usual suspects, opioids, local anaesthetics, NSAIDs and α2 …

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