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Treatment of gastric dilatation in rabbits
  1. B. Schuhmann1 and
  2. I. Cope2
  1. 1Tiermedizinzentrum, Kufsteiner Str. 22, Berlin, 10825, Germany
  2. 2Cambridge Veterinary Group, 89a Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 7BS
  1. e-mail: britta{at}

Statistics from

B. Schuhmann and I. Cope write: We both welcome and would like to thank Frances Harcourt-Brown for her letter and comments. We do feel we have addressed most of her comments in the paper.

Our paper presents the analysis of 145 cases and the potential success of medical therapy. However, we agree it can be a dilemma whether to choose medical or surgical treatment, and we have tried to help aid that decision process, by no means claiming we have a ‘magic bullet’, but rather a protocol that can help medical cases and is very successful in the medical cases we see. We acknowledge there are other protocols and options that can also work, but these were not used in our cases and so were not included. It would be too difficult and long to discuss all aspects of the decision process of case selection in a paper and, as …

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