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Cattle health
Observations on rib fractures in slaughter cattle
  1. Robert Paton
  1. 2 Ravensden Road, Wilden, Bedfordshire MK44 2QS
  1. e-mail: robert.paton{at}

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HAVING read Roger Blowey's letter in Veterinary Record in 2007 on the subject of rib lesions associated with lameness in dairy cattle (Blowey 2007), I also found many palpable rib swellings over the costochondral junction in lame cattle. These were usually located over the eight and ninth rib and were most commonly unpainful, seemingly chronic lesions, affecting predominantly older, cubicle-housed cattle.

One particular dairy cow (fifth lactation), housed in a straw yard system, presented with lameness and, during treatment, I noticed a tennis ball-sized swelling in the costochondral region. This lesion elicited a strong pain response on palpation. The affected cow was euthanased shortly afterwards due to other health issues and I was in the position of being able …

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