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Parliamentary group calls for a coordinated strategy on dogs

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‘THE recommendations within this report are not a wish-list, they are achievable and set out a clear plan to improve dog welfare and deliver public safety.’

So says a subgroup of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare in a recently published report which sets out a number of recommendations for dealing with key issues relating to dogs in England.

The report explains that the subgroup was formed ‘because of the growing interest and awareness among politicians of dog-related issues’. It notes that there appears to be a general consensus among politicians that these are important issues that can impact heavily on their constituencies: ‘The politicians involved in the subgroup recognised early on that as the UK population grows and the structure of society changes in relation to that, so does the role of dogs within it.’

The report gives an overview of the key issues associated with dogs and the group makes 21 recommendations in total, falling under the areas of dog control; dog breeding, dealing and trading; dog identification; responsible dog ownership and guardianship; and resources.

Regarding dog control, the group comments that the legal framework in this area has …

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