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Veterinary Allergy
Veterinary allergic diseases
  1. Steve Shaw

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Chiara Noli, Aiden Foster and Wayne Rosenkrantz
470 pages, hardback, £129.99
Wiley-Blackwell. 2014.
ISBN 978 0 470 67241 9

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THIS book details the current state of knowledge on allergy in the veterinary patient, and represents a much-needed addition to the veterinary dermatologist's bookshelf. The book is divided into four sections describing allergy in dogs, cats, horses and other domestic species, which includes livestock, birds, rodents, rabbits and ferrets.

In each section the pathogenesis is described, and there is some overlap between the most studied species. The authors provide a broad basis of understanding of the immunology of this complex subject in which barrier function, genetics and environmental factors are …

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