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Looking beyond the horizon: what might the future hold?

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‘THIS is your profession, it is our future – let's go and make it!’ said Stuart Reid, the RCVS President, as he and John Blackwell, the BVA President, launched a new initiative at the BVA Congress at the London Vet Show last week.

The initiative, ‘Vet Futures’, is to be run collaboratively by the BVA and the RCVS. It aims to improve understanding of ‘where the provision of veterinary services is currently heading, whether this is in the best interests of the profession, animal owners and the public at large, and what might be done to shape an optimal future for the veterinary team, keeping animal health and welfare at its heart’.

Explaining that, while the project would be jointly funded and led by the two organisations, it would ultimately be owned by the profession itself, Mr Blackwell said that it was important that both the BVA and RCVS …

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