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Welfare at slaughter
FSA to record all breaches of stunning rules at slaughter

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THE Food Standards Agency (FSA) will, in future, monitor and record all breaches of the rules surrounding the stunning of animals before slaughter, rather than reporting only critical breaches observed by Official Veterinarians in slaughterhouses, according to George Eustice, the parliamentary undersecretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs. Mr Eustice told MPs of the change in procedure at the conclusion of a parliamentary debate on November 4 on the slaughter of animals by religious methods. The debate had been secured by Neil Parish, chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Beef and Lamb, which recently published a report of its inquiry into non-stun slaughter in accordance with religious rites (VR, August 9, 2014, vol 175, pp 131-132).

Mr Eustice was responding to comments made by MPs …

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