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Bovine TB
Bovine TB and badger control
  1. Trevor O. Jones
  1. Eaton Lodge, 10 Station Road, East Leake, Loughborough, Nottinghamshire LE12 6LQ
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MARC Abraham and others (VR, June 28, 2014, vol 174, pp 664-666) reiterate the notion that effective control of bovine TB was achieved in the 1950s simply by annual national tuberculin testing of cattle with culling of reactors, and that similar results could be anticipated if the practice was readopted. Farmers were not compensated for open cases of TB in the 1950s, which did not encourage notification to the authorities. One hundred per cent meat inspection had not been adopted. Human (Mycobacterium tuberculosis PPD) tuberculin was used for tuberculin testing of cattle. Reactor cattle were legally sold to herds that were not attested. I remember the report of a court trial following exposure of a racket in a cattle market of purchased reactors being ear-tagged as attested …

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