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BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine
Veterinary care of rabbits
  1. Laura Martin

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Anna Meredith and Brigitte Lord
336 pages, paperback, £79.
BSAVA. 2014.
ISBN 978 1 905319 49 7

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AS rabbits are making up an increasing percentage of small animal consultations, this book is a valuable source of information and advice for busy general practitioners and students. The former ‘BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery’ has now been replaced by two volumes, the ‘BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine’ and the ‘BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Imaging’.

The medicine manual contains 22 well-written chapters, including new ones on neoplasia, endocrine disease and being a rabbit-friendly practice. The manual starts by covering the biology, anatomy and physiology of rabbits and contains clear photographic examples of domestic …

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