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Otitis Externa: an Essential Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
Ear disease in practice
  1. D. G. Bentley

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Richard G. Harvey and Sue Paterson
168 pages, hardback, £35.99.
CRC Press. 2014.
ISBN 978 1 48222 457 3

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CONSIDERING how frequently cases of ear disease are seen in practice, it is surprising that there were no veterinary textbooks published on this subject until 2000. Gotthelf's ‘Small Animal Ear Diseases’ was the first, followed in 2001 by ‘Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat’; while Sue Paterson and Karen Tobias produced ‘Atlas of Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat’ in 2013. Both Sue Paterson and Richard Harvey, the authors of this latest book, are well known in the veterinary dermatology community and have lectured widely on this subject.

Their book has been written with the general practitioner in mind, with the hope it will be used as a daily reference and in time will become battered and stained – ‘the ultimate test of practical relevance’. I think it should …

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