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Bovine TB surveillance in the EU

J. Rivie`re, K. Carabin, Y. Le Strat, P. Hendrikx, B. Dufour

THE EU currently comprises 15 countries that are officially tuberculosis free (OTF), 10 that are not tuberculosis free and three ‘regionalised’ countries in which only some areas are OTF. TB surveillance is key to combating the disease, but surveillance systems vary across different countries. This study aimed to review the bovine TB surveillance systems in place for cattle and wildlife in EU member states.

Known specialists in each country were contacted and asked to complete and online survey. Two questionnaires were sent to each potential respondent: one on surveillance in cattle and one on surveillance in wildlife. Approximately 100 people in the 28 member states were contacted. The non-EU countries of Switzerland, Macedonia and Norway were also included.

Specialists in 26 of the countries participated in the survey, but respondents in five of these did not complete the questionnaire about wildlife. In three countries (Belgium, Ireland and Slovakia) more than one person responded to the survey. Of the 10 respondents from either non-TB-free countries or countries with regionalised infection, seven indicated that all three of the recommended components of surveillance (routine testing in herds, premovement testing and postmortem examination) were …

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