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  1. A. I. Linzell

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IN tribute to Audrey Irene Linzell (VR, September 20, 2014, vol 175, p 284), Carol Breckenridge writes: Audrey Linzell (née Taylor) seemed born to champion the health and welfare of her fellow creatures. Fireworks heralded her arrival into the wintry austere London of November 1921. From an early age she showed great interest and concern for animals and wildlife. She devoted much time to her pet rabbit, Joe, and was thrilled to sit astride Nelly, the milkman's pony. Her kind and loving parents looked benignly on her aspirations to become a vet. When her mother died, her father continued to support her ambition and she joined the few women vet students enrolling one year before the onset of the Second World War.

By 1943 she was working as …

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