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Snapshot survey provides insight into bigger picture

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THE full results of this year's RCVS surveys of the veterinary and veterinary nursing professions were published by the College on September 15. Among other things, they show that the veterinary profession continues to become increasingly populated by women and that the number of veterinary surgeons working in mixed practice continues to decline.

The surveys, which are carried out every four years, took place in April and May this year; they were conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies on the RCVS's behalf and provide a snapshot of the current state of both professions. They attracted 6988 responses from veterinary surgeons (representing 27 per cent of the profession) and 5496 responses from registered/listed and student veterinary nurses (representing 31 per cent of the profession).

The majority of the veterinary surgeons responding to the survey – 72.3 per cent – were practising in the UK. Just over 10 per cent were practising outside of the UK and some 14 per cent of respondents were not working due to unemployment, a career break or retirement. Of the veterinary surgeons not currently practising, 43 per cent were retired.

The survey results suggest that ‘feminisation’ of …

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