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First-year student diary
  1. Rosie Perrett


Rosie Perrett is moving to Liverpool today to begin her first year studying veterinary science, something that she says still hasn't really sunk in. Rosie is going to share her experiences with VR Careers.

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From the age of about 14 being a vet was what I aspired to; or should I say, it was the plan, but plans don't always follow through. I have been through plan A, B, C and D before finally making it. There was a quick realisation after my AS levels that getting A and A* in all subjects was a big ask even to qualify for an application to vet school. So, I decided to study BSc Zoology at Swansea university and apply for vet school with a degree, a decent set of A levels and maturity on my side.

Last year I made my first application to vet school with a hopeful 2:1. My chemistry A level result (my weakest), meant I was immediately rejected by a couple of universities, but on January 6 (it was a Monday), I received an e-mail inviting me to interview at Liverpool. The interview was a series of seven, five-minute stations, and was over before I knew it; and I came out far less nervous than when I went in. Then there was a long wait . . .

I received my rejection on March 28, it wasn't a great day and quite a few tears were shed but I came round to the idea, eventually, that maybe it just wasn't my year and that I would retry.

So, it was a complete shock when on August 14, while I was in Barcelona on holiday with friends, I got a call from the University of Liverpool asking me for my degree classification, and then saying they were offering me a place on their five-year veterinary science programme starting this month. I was in utter shock. It was such a privilege to receive the news with my friends who knew how badly I wanted it and had been with me on the journey to get here.

My planned year out had turned into a month and now I had plenty to do. I started busying myself with applying for accommodation, setting up my university account and profile, applying for a maintenance loan, getting membership for the university's veterinary society and filling out various forms, including a health questionnaire. Despite having been to university before, there is so much to do and I've been feeling underprepared for my moving in date, which is today. In the past year I have been through so many emotions and feelings – anticipation, excitement, disappointment and ecstasy – now I just have a mixture of nerves and excitement and I genuinely cannot wait to start.

The moment Rosie first decided to become a vet?

I can't pinpoint the moment I wanted to be a vet, although it could well have been the first time I sat on a pony, but I've always been an active horse rider – out and about in all weathers and getting my hands dirty. Working with animals has always come so naturally to me and now it's happening in reality.

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