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Prevalence of canine disorders and syndromes seen by vets in England

D. G. O'Neill, D. B. Church, P. D. McGreevy, P. C. Thomson, D. C. Brodbelt

THIS study aimed to use data from VetCompass, a database of electronic records from primary care practices in England, to assess the occurrence of common disorders in different dog breeds. It was based on the hypothesis that purebred dogs have a higher prevalence of common disorders compared with crossbred dogs.

Data covering Medivet practices in central and southeast England were collated. The data were based on VeNom codes recorded during clinical care by veterinarians. Records for 3884 dogs were randomly selected for inclusion in the analysis.

A total of 430 distinct disorders were identified. The most common overall diagnosis was otitis externa (10 per cent prevalence), followed by periodontal disease (9.3 per cent), anal sac impaction (7.1 per cent) and overgrown nails (7.1 per cent). Purebred dogs, which comprised 79.4 per cent of the sample, had a significantly higher prevalence of otitis externa, obesity and skin mass lesions. Purebred dogs also had a higher prevalence of disorders in the head/neck and tail. The head/neck was the …

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