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The final verdict

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On the whole, the break-out groups agreed with the analysis from the Zoetis business consultants and their assessment of the strengths of the five forces. They didn't agree on everything, however, and there was some variation in the conclusions drawn.

  • The bargaining power of customers was deemed to be high in the initial analysis; however, those taking part in the discussion day thought that this should be extra high and rising, as the rise of the internet and other technologies made the consumer a more powerful stakeholder.

  • Competitive rivalry was seen as high yet currently unimportant by some of the groups. This is all part of what makes a business, they said, and is nowhere near as high as in other industries.

  • Bargaining power of suppliers was the only topic in which different groups came to very different conclusions. Some thought that the bargaining power of suppliers was non-existent, while others believed they could become more powerful in the future.

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