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Engaging the disengaged

How does the industry engage with the 50 per cent of owners who never come to the vet? Data are limited, but will be crucial to answering this question. Should the profession look to generate a KPI that measures registered clients who never visit against clients that actually come?

Being the ‘one-stop shop’

Convenience came up frequently during the discussion as something that veterinary practices could capitalise on. It might explain why most clients still buy the medicines they need for their pet from the practice they use rather than from pharmacists – whether in shops or online. The successful practice of the future will, it was suggested, service the whole range of pet owners’ needs.

Business is not a dirty word

Practices should remember that they are running a business. If they aren't able to do this successfully, this will restrict what they can do to develop the practice and impact on the service they can offer to clients.

Employ the right people

You have your plan but you can't do it all on your own. Recruiting and retaining the right people could be the most significant factor in helping you to succeed.

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