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Animal welfare
FAWC calls for tighter regulation of fish farming

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‘UK governments should extend the requirements for terrestrial species in the Welfare of Farmed Animals Regulations to farmed fish (as appropriate and with suitable modifications) so that there is a clear legal basis for enforcement of basic requirements in all farmed fish species.’

This is one of the recommendations made by the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) in an opinion on the welfare of farmed fish. The FAWC is an expert committee of Defra which advises governments in England, Scotland and Wales on farm animal welfare issues. Its opinion, which was published last week, deals specifically with the rearing of fin-fish such as salmon and trout; welfare at killing and during related operations are to be considered in separate opinion from the FAWC later this year.

Fish farming is the largest livestock sector in Great Britain after broiler production. In its report, the FAWC suggests that much has improved in the industry over …

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