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Avian health
Cranial osteomyelitis due to E coli infection in commercial layers
  1. Davide Giovanardi
  1. Via Sant'Antonio 50/C, San Martino Buon Albergo, Verona, Italy
  1. e-mail: dmgiovanardi{at}

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COLIBACILLOSIS is considered one of the leading causes of economic loss in the poultry industry worldwide (Nolan and others 2013). Escherichia coli are normal inhabitants of the intestine of poultry with certain serotypes, namely O1, O2, O18, O35 and O78, most frequently associated with diseases (Nolan and others 2013). Even if death is the usual outcome of colisepticaemia, some birds may completely recover with residual sequelae in different sites, including bones (Nolan and others 2013).

Forty-six-week-old layers present in a flock …

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