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Keeping exotic pets
  1. Richard Kock
  1. Royal Veterinary College, Hawkshead Lane, North Mymms, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL9 7TA
  1. e-mail: rkock{at}

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I WOULD like to comment on Peter Scott's letter (VR, January 11, 2014, vol 174, p 251) in relation to the discussion on exotic pets initiated by Whitehead and Forbes (VR, December 7, 2013, vol 173, p 558). This is not a small matter. Estimates that have been available for over a decade indicate that hundreds of millions of wild animals are traded globally each year (Karesh and others 2007). The main target regions for a large part of this trade have been shown to be Japan and the European Union (Nijman 2009 …

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