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Safeguarding global health: FAO calls for a ‘paradigm shift’

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LIVESTOCK health is the weakest link in the global health chain, according the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In a report published last month, it calls for a new, more holistic approach to tackling disease threats and for a paradigm shift in risk assessment.

The report, ‘World Livestock 2013: changing disease landscapes’ is the second in an FAO series. Its first report, ‘World Livestock 2011: livestock in food security’, described the contribution of livestock to food security in different regions and communities. Its latest report examines why and how pathogens of animal origin have become a major threat to global public health. It explains how the growing expansion in agriculture, a rise in world population and globalised food supply chains have altered how diseases emerge, jump between species and spread. It also looks at how the threats might be mitigated.

In a foreword, Ren Wang, …

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