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Mediastinectomy for management of chronic pyogranulomatous pleural disease in dogs
  1. T. Trinterud, DVM MRCVS,
  2. P. Nelissen, DVM CertSAS MRCVS Diplomate ECVS,
  3. A. R. Caine, MA VetMB CertVDI MRCVS Diplomate ECVDI and
  4. R. A. S. White, BVetMed PhD DSAS DVR FRCVS Diplomate ACVS Diplomate ECVS, ACVS Founding Fellow Surgical Oncology
  1. Dick White Referrals, Six Mile Bottom, Newmarket CB8 0UH, UK;
  1. E-mail for correspondence: TT{at}


The medical records of 12 dogs with chronic pyogranulomatous pleural disease unresponsive to medical management were reviewed retrospectively. Resection of the mediastinal pleura (mediastinectomy) was performed through a median sternotomy to remove all diseased and surgically accessible mediastinal pleural tissue. Dogs were re-examined two weeks postoperatively, and long-term outcome was evaluated by contacting owners by phone. Twelve dogs underwent mediastinectomy; additional surgeries included subtotal pericardiectomy (8), lung lobectomy (4) and partial diaphragmatic resection (2). Histology of resected tissue consistently revealed neutrophilic, pyogranulomatous cellulitis/serositis. Foreign material was evident in the mediastinal tissue of five dogs and microorganisms were recovered from three dogs. Two dogs developed pneumothorax immediately postoperatively; one dog developed haemothorax one month postoperatively and was euthanased. Median follow-up time was eight months (range: 6–43 months); eleven dogs were alive and considered to be symptom-free by their owners. Mediastinectomy resulted in complete resolution of symptoms in most dogs (92 per cent) and was associated with a low incidence of major complications. The results of this study indicated that mediastinectomy results in favourable outcome for dogs with chronic pleural pyogranulomatous pleural disease unresponsive to medical management.

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