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AHVLA invites tenders for a range of veterinary services

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THE AHVLA has issued an invitation to tender to supply a range of veterinary services to any UK government organisation, including itself, to help with exotic disease outbreaks and other peaks in workload. The provision of TB testing services is not included in the current invitation to tender; the AHVLA says it expects this to be published soon.

Explaining the background to the current invitation, the AHVLA says that it and numerous government organisations have responsibilities in the area of animal health and welfare, including the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland, the Food Standards Agency and the Scottish and Welsh governments. Although these bodies have their own permanent resources, the AHVLA explains that, at times, they need to buy-in commercial veterinary services. It says that the framework outlined in the invitation to tender aims to …

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