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RCVS to revise its guidance on 24-hour cover

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THE RCVS Council has decided to revise College guidance relating to 24-hour emergency cover and home visits. It has also agreed to overturn an earlier decision to remove postgraduate postnominal letters from the RCVS Register and to look again at which qualifications should be included.

These were among a number of decisions taken by the Council at its meeting on June 5; others concerned development of the Practice Standards Scheme and the introduction, on a trial basis, of an alternative disputes resolution system.

In June 2012, the RCVS Council decided that postnominal letters should be removed from the RCVS Register as part of a package of proposals to help clarify postgraduate skills and knowledge. It was also intended to address the proliferation of qualifications included in the Register.

However, as the paperwork for last week's Council meeting explained, ‘Since the end of April, there has been a considerable amount of negative comment on social media’ about the decision, and an online petition calling for it to be overturned had been started (see, for example, VR, May 3, 2014, vol 174, p 436).

At the meeting, many members of the Council expressed a desire for compromise. After discussion, the Council agreed to overturn the decision to remove postnominal qualifications from the Register. A paper will be brought to a future meeting with proposals about which qualifications might be included. The paper will also consider which qualifications might …

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