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Bovine TB controls
  1. Martin Whitehead
  1. Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital, Albion Street, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 5BN
  1. e-mail: martin{at}

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I WRITE in support of Den Leonard's recent letter (VR, May 24, 2014, vol 174, pp 535-536) asking why the BVA is not being more proactive in explaining why culling the wildlife reservoir of bovine TB is currently the only proven method to reduce TB in cattle, in the UK and in other countries with a wildlife reservoir of bovine TB, when cattle test-and-slaughter fails to do so.

A huge amount of evidence demonstrates that: in several countries various wildlife species act as reservoirs of bovine TB, contributing substantially to the spread and maintenance of TB in cattle; culling those wildlife reservoir species reduces TB in cattle; and badgers are the primary wildlife reservoir contributing to …

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