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No need for urgent action on EMS, says RCVS

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THE RCVS reports that the results of a survey of recent graduates show that the current arrangements for extramural studies (EMS) are working well and that there is no need for an immediate review or urgent action.

The survey was carried out by the RCVS earlier this year as an information-gathering exercise. The College reviewed the system for EMS in 2009 and made a number of changes; the survey was intended to help it build a picture of how the system was now working. In addition, it says, concerns had been expressed about the impact on EMS of increasing student numbers and the development of new veterinary schools; there were also anecdotal comments about the value, or otherwise, of EMS. The survey was circulated to 1543 graduates who graduated from the UK veterinary schools in 2012 and 2013. Two hundred and eighty-seven responses were received.

The RCVS reports that the vast majority (95.6 per cent) of the graduates responding agreed that EMS was ‘essential’. Responses suggested that EMS placements were beneficial in terms of the variety of clinical skills, professional skills and working practices that they provided. However, one area for which a large number of graduates (42.9 per cent) …

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