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Welfare at slaughter
Prestun shocks and mis-stuns during conventional slaughter
  1. Asif Rao
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THE recently published statement by the BVA (VR, April 12, 2014 vol 174, p 368) negligently released extremely misleading figures about the number of mis-stun incidents in conventional slaughter. It is shameful and an embarrassment that the BVA does not appear to know its own industry. It is false and incompetent to say that in 2013 only nine cattle, three sheep and three pigs were mis-stunned! You would have this in one abattoir on any given day. The fact is that the Food Standards Agency's Official Veterinarians (OVs) do not routinely collect data on this – they only do spot checks and mis-stuns may be collected as part of other observations. The number of spot checks and the number of animals assessed were not presented, thereby making the available data practically meaningless. Furthermore, operators do not record every incident of mis-stun. They simply take …

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