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BVA calls for ‘significant changes’ to pilot badger culls

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THE BVA is seeking discussions with Defra to clarify its response to the recent report from the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) on the humaneness, efficacy and safety of the pilot badger culls conducted in Somerset and Gloucestershire last year. The Association says that Defra's current response does not provide sufficient detail or assurances to satisfy it that the necessary improvements in effectiveness or humaneness will be delivered.

The IEP's report, which was published earlier this month, concluded that the pilot badger culls had failed in terms of efficacy and humaneness. A number of recommendations for improvement were made. Responding to the report, the Government committed to continuing with the pilot culls, but said that the culling strategy would not be rolled out more widely at present. It also announced that improvements would be made to the pilot culls (VR, April 12, 2014, vol 174, pp 365-366)

The Government's decision not to roll out culling to new areas was welcomed at a meeting …

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