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  1. Lord Ballyedmond

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IN tribute to Lord Ballyedmond (VR, March 22, 2014, vol 174, p 306), Pat Hart, Alan Gordon and John Hill, on behalf of Veterinary Northern Ireland (VetNI), write: Lord Ballyedmond, the founder of Norbrook Laboratories, died as a result of a helicopter accident on March 13.

In 1968, Eddie Haughey, an intrepid entrepreneur, founded Norbrook Laboratories in Newry, Northern Ireland. His company manufactured a range of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and anthelmintics. It is now the largest privately owned pharmaceutical company in the world and is the only pharmaceutical company that is licensed to manufacture injectable antibiotics outside the USA and import them for sale in the USA. Norbrook carries out …

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