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IN further tribute to Robert Charles Young (VR, March 1, 2014, vol 174, pp 226-227) Philip T. Davies writes: I first met Bob at my last job interview over 30 years ago. We established several common links at that first meeting, since he had been taught by my father while at Bristol veterinary school, and my Welsh ancestry echoed that of his wife, Lorna.

Bob and Lorna gave me a wonderful welcome to a veterinary practice that was then called Claydon, Young and Harris. For a young veterinary assistant, who was too lazy to cook, it was lovely to have the occasional Sunday roast supper at their house, Lydstone, after a pint at the Ring of Bells across the road.

Bob, more than anybody, gave me the foundations for the career I have had. He was always a brilliantly talented vet, who needed more challenges than the humdrum routine of a rural practice. Following a start as president of the Western Counties Veterinary Association, he excelled on the national stages of veterinary politics as president of the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons and the BVA. It did not always fit well with practice life but we were immensely proud of him and it raised the profile of the area and the practice as a result. How he kept up the continual travelling to and from London, never missing a night or a weekend duty, returning often on the sleeper train to go straight into a day's …

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