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Veterinary clinical trials in the UK
  1. Julian Braidwood
  1. Triveritas, Bank Barn, How Mill, Brampton, Cumbria CA8 9JY
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FURTHER to the report on scientific procedures on animals (VR, July 27, 2013, vol 173, p 81), colleagues may be interested to learn that the UK is currently failing to implement an important aspect of the new EU directive 2010/63 mentioned in the report. This concerns veterinary clinical trials required to obtain a marketing authorisation for a veterinary medicine or a veterinary vaccine.

The new directive states that it shall not apply to veterinary clinical trials required for the marketing authorisation of a veterinary medicinal product. However, the current UK system for field trial clearances is failing to comply with this exemption. This means that veterinary clinical trials are increasingly being performed in other EU member states, with an estimated total loss of £22 million per annum to the UK. It is thought that due to the UK losing this veterinary trial work, over £11 million per annum is being lost by UK veterinary surgeons and several million pounds per annum are being lost by their clients (farmers and pet owners). …

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