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Small animal regional anesthesia and analgesia
Local anaesthesia in small animals
  1. Paul MacFarlane

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Luis Campoy and Matt
Edited by R. Read
304 pages, hardback, £79.99.
Wiley-Blackwell. 2013.
ISBN 978 0 8138 1994 5

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LOCAL anaesthesia is a neglected technique in small animal practice to the detriment of our patients, and this book has the potential to help practitioners use local anaesthesia in their patients more effectively.

The book is logically divided into three sections: the first gives a brief history of local anaesthesia, followed by notes on patient preparation, neuroanatomy and relevant pharmacology; the second describes the equipment available for local anaesthesia, including nerve stimulators and ultrasound; and the final part gives details of the individual local …

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