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Variation in the iodine content of cat foods in the USA

C. H. Edinboro, E. N. Pearce, S. Pino, L. E. Braverman

FELINE hyperthyroidism is a common problem in older cats and fluctuations in iodine concentrations in food have been suggested as a risk factor for its development. The US National Research Council recommends that a 4 kg cat consume 87.5 µg of iodine per day. This study aimed to measure the iodine content of a range of commercial cat foods across three US states.

The iodine content of 112 cat foods purchased in California, Florida and Indiana was tested. The amount of iodine that a cat would consume per day if it consumed only that food was calculated for each sample.

The median daily iodine intake for the foods sampled was 179 µg, more than double the recommended intake. Ninety-six of the 112 samples had a daily iodine intake of more than 100 µg. The range of iodine concentrations was extremely wide, with one dry food containing the equivalent of 11.6 µg per day and another canned food containing 9639.3 µg per day. Iodine concentrations also varied within brands. For one brand of canned food, …

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