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A vet in Africa
  1. Tim Leyland

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A Lot of Loose Ends–A Vet in Africa
Edited by Roland Minor
343 pages, paperback, £12.99.
Memoirs Publishing. 2012.
ISBN 978 1 909304 72 7

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RINDERPEST caused a bloody diarrhoea that killed up to 90 per cent of infected cattle, and Roland Minor saw many such loose ends in his career. His engrossing autobiography permits the reader to glimpse the world of a resourceful and committed veterinarian in postcolonial Africa, in an area rich with challenges, as new nations attempted to develop within just a few years, and the aid business geared up to assist them. There was little infrastructure, policies were new or absent, expertise was in short supply and laws were increasingly difficult to enforce. Minor's memoirs show that he was in the thick of all this and, how as …

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