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RCVS day
An ‘exciting and innovative’ year for the RCVS

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THE past year had been an exciting and innovative one for the RCVS, said Jacqui Molyneux (right), the outgoing RCVS President, in her address to the College's annual general meeting during RCVS Day on July 5.

It had been clear at the start of her term as president, she said, that the College was at the beginning of a period of great reform. The year had seen the appointment of the RCVS's first chief executive, the implementation of a Legislative Reform Order separating the College's disciplinary process from its Council, and restructuring of the Council committees, freeing up the Council to debate and plan more strategic issues affecting the profession.

The Legislative Reform Order, which came into force in April this year, meant that members of the Preliminary Investigation Committee and the Disciplinary Committee would no longer be members of the RCVS Council. After a three-year transition period, the separation of the committees from the Council would be complete. ‘This is in line with modern regulation, so that those who set the rules are separated from those who apply them,’ Mrs Molyneux said. She added: ‘It became obvious during this process that many veterinary surgeons do not understand the disciplinary process and the education of the profession in this very important area will be one of the aims of the College over the next few …

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