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Bovine TB
Defra takes ‘tough and decisive action’ at the frontier of bovine TB

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ENHANCED cattle controls are to be introduced in areas of England bordering regions where bovine TB is currently endemic in an attempt to contain the disease and prevent it spreading to uninfected areas.

The new control measures, announced on August 12, will come into force in October and will form part of Defra's ‘edge area strategy’. In July, the department launched a public consultation on a new draft strategy for achieving Officially TB Free (OTF) status for the whole of England within 25 years (VR, July 13, 2013, vol 173, pp 30, 33-34). The draft strategy, on which opinions are currently being sought, indicated that new policies would be introduced in the parts of England that covered the boundary between a ‘high risk’ area comprising the currently endemic areas of the south west, West Midlands and East Sussex, and a ‘low risk’ area extending across the north and east of England. This boundary region, designated as the ‘edge’ area, consists of the parts of England where Defra does not currently have evidence that bovine TB is endemic, but where infection is either spreading or where there is a risk of disease spread in the short to medium term.

Defra says that the edge area strategy …

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