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Cattle Surgery
Duodenal sigmoid flexure volvulus and gall bladder displacements in dairy cows
  1. Stuart Russell
  1. Nantwich Farm Vets, Crewe Road End, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5SF
  1. e-mail: stuartrussell{at}

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I WOULD like to draw attention to two related, apparently emergent syndromes in lactating dairy cows. Duodenal outflow obstruction has been recognised since the early 1980s (van der Velden 1983), but duodenal sigmoid flexure volvulus (DSFV) was first reported in the literature last year (Vogel and others 2012). This syndrome appears to be closely related to a gall bladder displacement syndrome (GBD), with obstruction and dorsiflexion of the sigmoid flexure. I operated on two DSFV cases and one GBD case between April and June 2012 and have operated on three DSFV cases and one GBD case between April and July 2013, with three more DSFV cases being found by colleagues during the same period of 2013.

Cows with DSFV typically present with agalactica, anorexia, ventral rumenal and abomasal distension, and moderate to severe dehydration. Ataxia, bruxism, reluctance to rise, lack of faeces in the rectum and nasal reflux of rumen fluid appear common in the later stages. Cows with DSFV exhibit tachycardia and a focal area …

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