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AHVLA to put OV services out to tender

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THE AHVLA has confirmed that it will be changing the way it enlists the services of private practitioners to carry out TB testing and other Official Veterinarian (OV) activities on behalf of the state. Services will be procured by means of a competitive tendering process and it anticipates that the new arrangements will be in place by the middle of next year. Vets providing such services will be expected to pay for their own training. This will be available through a single AHVLA-authorised provider, which will also be appointed by tender.

Announcing the changes on July 30, the AHVLA said that contracts would be awarded to ‘delivery partners’ who would supply ‘a flexible package of veterinary services including tuberculin testing, other government-funded services, such as brucellosis testing, and potentially other new areas of work’. In the process, the opportunity would be taken to enhance quality controls and ‘market-test’ the price paid for such services by taxpayers. The new arrangements would replace the current system for appointing and remunerating OVs which, the AHVLA said, ‘fails to meet the required standards of openness and governance in …

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